Le Rêve Doré was founded in 1979,

with the aim of bringing innovative elements that celebrate traditional elegance in a modern age with alternative hand-crafted furniture guaranteed to portray the homeowener's passion for art.


Uniqueness, modern, contemporary style are the founding values of the Le Rêve Doré brand, which has been able to rapidly gain leadership on the international luxury design scene.


Careful observation of the world, of the continual evolution of modern society and culture are the heart of Le Rêve Doré creativity and modernity.

Today, Le Rêve Doré is appreciated all over the world for the classy style of its furniture.

Design, experience and quality

Le Rêve Doré collections combine design elegance and functionality. The choice of wisely mixed materials and the care of details, produce unique objects for the modern & contemporary home.


Essential shapes, clean lines interperted using beech wood and highly imported paints, gold and silver papers used,  pleated stainless steel, surfaces that are never uniform, though unique in their material aspects and craftsmanship, thus giving life to objects that are almost unique.


An elegant collection with refined details and forms that hint at the past.

A wide range of leather and fabrics of different colors and consistencies, a particular and constant attention to quality, a casual and modern way to conceive and decorate the house.


Services & innovation

Quality and attention to products and service at the same time

The care of details so dear to artisanal tradition. The countinous reasearch for innovative solutions, the skilful work of professionals in the furnishing sector.

These few elements make Le Rêve Doré product unique in its kind.


Our Story